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India is fomenting trouble in Pakistan via Afghanistan says FIF chief

Lahore: Chairman Falah e Insaniat Foundation (FIF) Hafiz Abdul Rauf has urged rulers to abandon friendship with India, to stop terrorism from the country. He said, “India is using Afghanistan’s soil for terrorism in Pakistan. Terrorists are being trained in Indian consulates in Afghanistan.”
He was delivering Friday sermon at Jamia Masjid Al-Qadsia. Thousands of men and women offered prayer in his imamate. He said that whole Muslims in the world are one nation. Problems of Muslim Ummah should be solved with joint efforts. Thousands of Muslims have been killed in Burma. In Burma, Buddhist are 60 Million and Muslims are 10 Million. Approximately 1 Million people migrated from Burma. Half of them sank in river.
He said, “Kashmiris are offering sacrifices for completion of Pakistan. They are chanting in favour of Pakistan. Their crime is devotion Pakistan. They buried their martyrs in Pakistani flag. Indian army has snatched eyes of thousands of Kashmiris by pallet guns. But they did not accept the slavery of Indian Government.”
He criticized rulers for servitude of US and Europe. He said, “Ameer Jamaat ud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has been detained on US pressure. His crime is to solidarity with Kashmiris and serving the humanity. He raised for Kashmiris and united Ummah. He played role for the end of sectarianism.”
Hafiz Abdul Rauf said that US killed 1.2 Million Muslims in Iraq and 800 thousand in Afghanistan. Later on, he admitted that there were not chemical weapons in Iraq. Muslims were killed on false allegations. We should support oppressed Muslims and help them.

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