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We owe it to Kashmir

Jalees Hazir School and college girls have come out risking their lives in Indian-held Kashmir, throwing stones at the armed occupation forces. Courageous as they are, the protesting students are unlikely to move the world to action. When it comes to Kashmir, the so-called international community has slept over much …

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Juggling water and life

Daanish Mustafa In practically all water-related meetings I have attended in Pakistan, I have seen people argue with each other, the way two Ocean liners would cross each other at night — miles apart, just aware of each other’s lights. It seems to me, that water, like life, is predominantly …

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Law of the jungle

Syed Rizwan Mehboob Rarely a day passes in our daily lives, when we do not hear reference to “law of jungle”. Prime TV talk shows; debates on geo-political issues; newspaper pages recounting heart wrenching stories — you name it and all manner of absurdities, atrocities or anomalies are lumped together …

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Class struggle continues

Lal Khan Every year, Labour Day is observed the world over in memory of American workers who lost their lives on May 1, 1886, when the police forces in Chicago opened indiscriminate fire on a demonstration of workers.Over 200,000 workers had participated in the protest demanding an eight-hour work day. …

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Fighting to the last Afghan

Zamir Akram In the 1980s when the Red Army refused to accept defeat in its 10-year war with the Afghan mujahideen, Americans used to chide the Soviets for wanting to fight to the last Afghan. Recognising the situation as a “bleeding wound”, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev decided to end this …

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