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Altaf Shakoor says Govt failed to secure life, property of citizens

Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has said that the government has failed to secure life, property and honor of citizens because it is not interested to respect and uphold law and constitution and safeguard the basic rights of people.

According to details, Pasban e Pakistan staged a big rally here on Sunday against the extrajudicial killings, rape cases and other violations of the basic rights of citizens. The rally marched on roads in different areas including Suhrab Goth and culminated in Orangi. It expressed solidarity with the bereaved families and demanded doling them out justice.

Addressing the rally, Altaf Shakoor said the confidence of people in the system and its institutions is being shacked with every passing day. He said the power-hungry politicians are staging protests and sit-ins for their vested political interests. He said they are least concerned about the basic issues of downtrodden people. He said joblessness, poverty, hunger and diseases are on the rise. Education healthcare and social security sectors are not performing well. He said the budgetary funds are devoured by the corruption kings and queens and this cruel mafia is not interested in public welfare activities.

He said the people are right to ask what the utility of this Parliament is if it is not able to raise voice for the rights of people and make laws to protect their basic rights. He said should the Parliament be closed for good. He said people are right when they asked this is not the Pakistan of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah but this is the Pakistan of feudal lords, Wadera, industrialists and other elite class people. He demanded justice for the families of Naqeebullah Mahsood, Shah Muhammad, Intizar Ahmed and other victims of extrajudicial killings. He also asked that exemplary punishments should be given to the culprits of rape and rape murder cases. He asked protection of life and citizens of people and respect to their basic human rights. The rally later ended peacefully in Orangi.

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